Healing the Sacred Divide

Healing the Sacred Divide - Jean Raffa

The Wilbur Award

2013 Wilbur Award

Making Peace with Ourselves, Each Other, and the World

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Healing the Sacred Divide is timely, as we become increasingly polarized around divisive issues of faith and politics. Raffa helps us work creatively with strife and divisions in ourselves, our relationships, and our world by first associating common dysfunctions with several popular ways of thinking about God. Then she shows us how to enter the “divide,” where polarized views and forces meet and mingle, as a sacred place of innovation and potential common ground.
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“This fascinating book . . . both challenges and empowers us.”
— John Dominic Crossan, author, The Power of Parable
A compelling journey through the human psyche and soul, both deeply personal and universal. Jean has done a brilliant job of illuminating where we are, how we got here, and how we can transcend the polarization and loneliness of this time by reconnecting with the sacred in its fullest, richest expression.
— Margaret J. Wheatley, author of “Leadership and the New Science” and others
In a world where reversing the trend towards polarization in politics, religion, and the genders is rapidly becoming crucial to our survival, Raffa offers a refreshing middle way to healing. This path merges self with other, male with female, thinking with feeling, and belief with experience in a way that can be traveled by anyone. From a perspective formed by Jungian psychology and personal experiences with organized religion, Raffa clarifies the core issues and suggests solutions in a unique and refreshing style.
— Margaret Paul, Ph.D., co-author of “Healing Your Aloneness” and co-creator of Inner Bonding
Click here to order Healing the Sacred Divide from AmazonJean Raffa’s book hands over the holy key to the mandorla. This space between the opposite circles, she reveals can lead us ever closer to the life force that heals the sacred divide and away from the levels of consciousness that keep us in the struggle of choosing sides. Jeanie is showing me the way to move closer to where God‘s energy and mine are the same. Since reading this book I am paying attention now more than ever. Thank you Jeanie.
— Ann Kennedy, MA, LMHC, Founder of Winter Park Jung Center
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320 pages • Trade paper/French flaps • Religion/Psychology/Women and Faith

 Dream Theatres of the Soul

Dream Theatres of the Soul - Jean RaffaEmpowering the Feminine through Jungian Dream Work

Purchase Price: $14.95

The power and mystery of dreams…we’ve all wondered about the strange and emotionally evocative scenarios played out in our unconscious minds during sleep. The places, events, and people encountered seem to hold significant meaning, but it often eludes us. Dream Theatres of the Soul, a fascinating exploration of the dream world, provides a practical guide to understanding your dreams and achieving personal growth through dream interpretation.
Click here to order Healing the Sacred Divide from AmazonIn this time when we are so worldy and ego-directed yet so in need of the guidance of spirit, tools such as this book which help us explore our feminine inner world and larger Self are precious gems. Thank you, Jean!” — Brooke Medicine Eagle, Earthkeeper and wisdom teacher; Rainbow medicine woman; author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing
Paperback – 224 pages (January 1994) • Women’s Studies / Psychology & Self-Help • ISBN 1-880913-10-0 / Innisfree

 The Bridge to Wholeness

The Bridge to Wholeness - Jean RaffaA Feminine Alternative to the Hero Myth

Purchase Price: $13.95

A book for the aware and the awakening, The Bridge to Wholeness is the story of many women. By confronting the conflict within the self and within society, Jean Raffa eloquently shares her personal task of acknowledging, appreciating, and harmonizing the many aspects of her being. The result: an adventure in and prescription for healing, laughing, dancing, loving, and living more wholly.
The Bridge to Wholeness was a 1993 finalist for The Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Psychology Book.
Click here to order Healing the Sacred Divide from Amazon(Dr. Raffa’s) book makes peace with dragons instead of fighting them. This moving account of a mythic journey from humility to strength, through darkness to light, carries a powerful message of unity and balance for seekers everywhere.” — Robert A. Johnson, Jungian Analyst and Author of He, She, and We
“A moving and thought-provoking account of [the] search for feminine Self in the midst of a patriarchal culture.” – John A. Sanford, author, lecturer, and Jungian analyst
Paperback – 208 pages (August 1992) • Women’s Studies / Psychology & Self-Help • ISBN 0-931055-88-1 / Innisfree Press