28 Brilliant Books to Empower You As A Woman in 2019

28 Brilliant Books To Empower You As A Woman In 2019

I made #’s 27 & 28 of this list! Here they are:

#27 The Bridge to Wholeness by Jean Benedict Raffa

A book for the aware and the awakening, The Bridge to Wholeness is the story of many women. By confronting the conflict within the self and within society, Jean Raffa eloquently shares her personal task of acknowledging, appreciating, and harmonizing the many aspects of her being. The result: an adventure in and prescription for healing, laughing, dancing, loving, and living more wholly. The Bridge to Wholeness was a 1993 finalist for The Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Psychology Book.

#28 Dream Theatres of the Soul by Jean Benedict Raffa

The power and mystery of dreams…we’ve all wondered about the strange and emotionally evocative scenarios played out in our unconscious minds during sleep. The places, events, and people encountered seem to hold significant meaning, but it often eludes us. Dream Theatres of the Soul, a fascinating exploration of the dream world, provides a practical guide to understanding your dreams and achieving personal growth through dream interpretation.


Healing the Sacred Divide Awarded the 2013 Wilbur Award!

Healing the Sacred Divide Awarded the 2013 Wilbur Award!

wilburawardtrophyCongratulations!  I am pleased to inform you that “Healing the Sacred Divide: Making Peace with Ourselves, Each Other, and the World by Jean Benedict Raffa-Larson Publications,  has won the 2013  Religion Communicators Council (RCC) Wilbur Award  for  Books-Non Fiction (3B).” ~ Religion Communicators Council (RCC)

About the Award:

Jean Benedict Raffa, Author of Healing the Sacred Divide, accepts Wilbur Award

Jean Benedict Raffa
Books: Non-Fiction
Healing the Sacred Divide: Making Peace with Ourselves, Each Other, and the World, Jean Benedict Raffa, Larson Publications
Doug Cannon, President of the national Religion Communicators Council, presented the award.
Photo by George Conklin

The Religion Communicators Council and its members promote excellence in communicating religious faith and values in the public arena and encourage understanding among faith groups on a national level. Testaments to our goal of excellence are the Wilbur Awards.
These awards recognize the work of individuals in secular media who communicate religious issues, values and themes with the utmost professionalism, fairness and honesty.